We’ve put together a Spotify Playlist of the bands announced so far for All Dayer number 2! Be sure to follow it for automatic updates! 


The Kirkz, 20 years on and still delivering knockout punches of tuneful punk rock with a crunching hard edge. In that time they’ve played every UK punk festival worth playing, putting them on an inevitable collision course mainland Europe.  They’ve spat out 3 albums in that time and several E.P’s including one about Christmas which was notable for being liked.  The first release being on a made up record label, the latest two being on the far more tangible TNS label.

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Flat Back Four are a punk band from St Helens in northwest England. They play fast, aggressive songs that combine punk and metal influences, with plenty of melody and sing-along hooks. Life, death, hope and fear are staple themes, with football, drinking and international friendship never far from the surface. Formed in 2004, they have played more than 350 gigs in ten countries. They like playing live more than anything else – even more than drinking.

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Crocodile God have been around since 1992, and putting out records since 1994. The songs are mostly about splitting up with girlfriends, but hey, nothing new there then. 

Ever present on the Liverpool punk scene we are proud to have them on board for the second run!

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Red Winter are a Liverpool Punk Rock/alternative 5 piece from Liverpool UK. Blending punk rock with a pop punk sensibility, but always energetic and entertaining. 

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Bogans are Skatepunk deviants, staggering from North Wales. Imagine drinking a bottle of Buckfast, still feeling thirsty and then drinking a few tinnies, followed by a few chasers on a park bench. Then waking up and realising you are in a band and you are on stage and you may have soiled yourself. That’s kind of a bit like what they sound like but with more guitars and drums and stuff.

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